The Art of Noise

Kyle Cashen spends most of his time making noises in his basement.

“I play a bunch of different instruments … if there is something around, I’ll make noise with it.

“Music is noise, some of it is pretty, some of it is not,” says Cashen. “You can make music with pots and pans as easily as with a guitar, it just sounds different.”

Cashen grew up in Antigonish but has lived in and out of the territory for a large part of his life.

Having played in a variety of groups including local punk group, Friend Called Five, his diverse musical background gives him lots of styles to draw on.

“I can scream, play bass and play in four or five different time signatures and then play my acoustic guitar in ¾ time and sing softly into a microphone,” smiles Cashen.

For now, he has put other endeavours aside to focus on his vision and They Built Houses Here under the name, Crash the Car.

They Built Houses Here was inspired by a story he and a friend co-wrote. Cashen has teamed up with engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jordy Walker to work on his release.

Playing an electric guitar with a bow to create a different sound (sounds similar to a cello) to vocal looping, Cashen is clearly bringing some different techniques to the ears of all those who hear him.

Miming the action of turning knobs, he describes how he makes his noises: “You can use one item to get a lot of noise, but sounds aren’t always precise, they don’t always become a song,” he says.

Live performances are clearly very different than Cashen jamming in his basement. They are more structured, which is limiting.

Cashen has played numerous gigs here in the territory including this and last year’s Frostbite Music Festival. Prying deeper, he lets it be known he’s also opened for the likes of Kinnie Star and played with Chad Van Gaalen, one of his musical heroes.

But accomplishing such a goal early means there’s even more to achieve. “There are all kinds of other musical heroes, venues and people I would like to play to,” he says.

As of now, Cashen and Walker are busy in the studio. Bassist Micah Smith has already contributed and Cashen has already recorded nearly 15 songs.

Crash the Car’s debut disc is set for release by the end of the summer. Cashen will, however, be making a number of musical appearances including playing at the final Brave New Works performance show May 17 at the Yukon Arts Centre.

And, he will be playing at the North By Northeast Music Festival in Toronto June 12 to 15.

PHOTO: MORGAN WHIBLEY [email protected]

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