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Do you have a good résumé?

Now before you send me an e-mail looking for a job, hear me out. In this day and age a good résumé is as important as a passport.

I have to admit I have a great résumé. If truth be told, I have several great résumés. I can craft a résumé for any position, within reason, and I usually get a call-back on any job I apply for.

I have a résumé for proper work and one for all the artsy stuff I have found myself attached to. It’s surprising to see what you can do when you put it down for the permanent record.

The reason I sully the pages of this fine paper with the dark spectre of work is that I have, in the past, reviewed some discs that is some ways reflect the nature of a résumé.

Not to demean, disparage or besmirch the fine work that goes into the production of these works, far from it: Some discs come into being with the express purpose to showcase the artist.

Not surprising, these works are called demos, not as in the Greek “demos” meaning “the people” but as in demonstration i.e.: “Our rocking teenage combo has just cut a demo.” Utterly pedantic of course, but I’m just trying to be clear here, good people.

Artists have, for the first time in history, the means of production at their nimble fingertips. Dare I say an example of demo-democracy?

With near immediate ability to produce albums of their work, the fruits of their labours can be placed in the public ear without meddling middlemen (and women) to hinder creativity.

Case in point, this week is the disc by local DJ, The Beat Bombshell.

Ms. Bombshell, for she is a woman, has created a selection of tracks that showcases her particular brand of mix technique entitled, Drum N Bass Mix.

This 14-track CD is an hour plus of beat barrage that will release your booty to thrash and flail, should you feel the urge to surge.

This music is not for the faint of heart. This is high-energy music that has one thing on its mind: to make you loosen your sacroiliac and get down with your bad self.

With most tracks on this album clocking in well above 120 beats per minute, those of us reaching middle age will have to get medical dispensation just to keep up.

CDs of this genre are, by nature, a teaser of the live event and this is why they are a résumé, a glimpse of what awaits, in the club, with the volume up.

My humble advice would be to seek out a live show by The Beat Bombshell and show her some love.

The Beat Bombshell, Drum N Bass Mix is available at Triple Js Music and The Beat Bombshell herself can be seen in action regularly in local clubs.

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