The Continuation of an Era

We decided to go back to where it all began.

The first jam night that Peggy Hanifan ever hosted was at the Kopper King and that is where we found ourselves on none other than a good old “Thirsty Thursday”.

Barry “Jack” Jenkins moved from Newfoundland to Whitehorse 16 years ago to live with his aunt for a spell. This was after he spent the ‘90s getting a MA in religious studies and a BSC in computer sciences from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

He and Peggy met within six months of his arrival and they have been partners in crime (and jam nights) ever since. Jack is a business analyst for YG, but don’t let his job title fool you; this man has studied Sanskrit and happens to be an excellent origamist. He is also very involved in theatre, both on stage and off.

Peggy Hanifan has called Whitehorse home for 32 years. She came up from Sault St. Marie, Ontario for a family visit and never left. Something you might not know is that she studied classical guitar as a child. Also, her favourite colour is green and she has been an awesome school bus driver for 14 years.

Most people I know in the Yukon knew my mom before they ever met me; there is no exception here. Peggy and I can’t remember exactly when we met but it was probably in the grocery store while I was impatiently waiting for my mom to keep the cart moving so we could finish shopping in less than three hours.

Jack and I, however, met in the era of Pegasus Wing. We narrowed it down to either the dance fl oor at the Capital Hotel or the Fireside Room, upstairs at the Yukon Inn, at the fundraising event held there after the old Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters burned down. Friend Called Five also played that night.

Peggy’s favourite band is Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Jack’s more of a Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds kind of guy. Jack actually touched Nick Cave at one of his concerts. Huge fan.

We brainstormed all the jam locations in chronological order. Here they are:

The KK Tavern, the Backwater Lounge (where the jam was henceforth dubbed “Whitewater Wednesday”), the Capital, the Boiler Room, the Fireweed Cabin (upstairs at the Yukon Inn), Paddy’s Place, Flipper’s, the Gold Pan Saloon, Foxy’s, the Rock, and Epic Pizza.

Half of these venues no longer exist.

I’m pleased to report that this power couple will be getting married this summer. The ceremony corresponds with their 15-year anniversary.

For the record, Peggy asked Jack for his hand. Peggy’s sister Kathy will be her maid of honour.

This year also marks 19 years of Peggy and Jack hosting continuous open mic nights in Whitehorse. Come rock out with all the Whitewater jammers every Wednesday from 7 – 11ish p.m. at their current location, Epic Pizza. July 15 is the anniversary celebration.

I’d like to finish with a shout out to Jack and Peggy’s 11 year old dog, Gibson, a real stray-gonegood.

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