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Jim Holland knows music like nobody’s business; not only is he a musician, he’s also an accomplished sound technician. Over the next few months Holland will be teaching full day courses from a series called Capturing Sound. Courses will take place at Holland’s studio, Green Needle Records.

Sure, we all hear music on the radio and see bands play live, but what is it we are actually listening to? Sound in the form of music evokes emotions, makes us think, inspires minds, and in some cases, heals the soul.

But there is also a strong technical element; without it, the music that speaks to many of us would be mute.

“The sound is of paramount importance in any presentation,” says Holland.

“On the music end, performers spend years honing their craft, getting their voices and instruments to sound as good as they can, playing their best or most flattering songs, all so they can make a connection with the audience.”

But if you take a talented singer and place that person on centre stage in an auditorium without a mic, who will hear her?

Holland’s courses aim to provide direction in the technical aspects of sound. Capturing Sound will teach people about using microphones and mixing boards to squeeze out the finite details needed to ensure great live sound.

“Those who attend will learn not only about the gear, but also best practices for reinforcing or recording sound, and the reasons why they are the best practices,” says Holland.

Production coordinators do not always allocate a proper budget towards the sound component of a show, says Holland.

“When this happens they end up distracting from the positive impact of the event that they worked so hard to put together, it hurts the audience, the acts, and the events’ reputation, if applicable.”

This is one of the reasons Holland decided to teach these courses. Another reason is to celebrate the opening of his new studio.

“I recently built a new recording studio and it has always been my plan to host some education-related events there. This was an obvious choice for a course,” he says.

Once Holland has finished his series, Capturing Sound, he plans to start another series of courses in the spring called Makin’ Music.

“The courses will be geared toward amateur musicians who want to get the skills and confidence to play with other musicians.”

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