Vancouver Jazz Quartet Swings Through Whitehorse

If you’re in the mood for some up-tempo jazz, then Cory Weeds might have the answer.

On Sunday saxophonist Weeds and his quartet will be performing at the Yukon Arts Centre. The performance will feature special guest Steve Davis, a New York City trombonist, and will include songs from Weed’s current album, Up a Step.

Weeds, who is based in Vancouver, has been involved with jazz for as long as he can remember.

“Jazz was always being played in the house when I was growing up,” he says.

Over the years, Weeds began to delve deeper into the jazz world, creating fiery sounds throughout his quartet’s catalogue.

Through the course of his career, Weeds has experimented with other musical instruments. He can play the trumpet and drums, but the saxophone captured his attention from the age of three.

“I looked up to my cousin, and when I saw him play it, I wanted to play it too – and have been playing the sax ever since,” he says.

But it would be a while though before Weeds would lead his own band. In his early days he performed with a band called Crash, which featured an instrumental style of jazz. Later he got on board with the Night Crawlers, which blended organ music with jazz. Now, he plays with his own musicians, and has a preference for live recordings.

“When you play live, you can’t take anything back,” says Weeds. “It’s more of an organic sound. Whereas in the studio you can make changes or alterations, but live jazz sounds more pure.”

Weeds has recorded nine live albums between his quartet, Crash, and the Night Crawlers.

He is so committed to jazz that he even owns his own club in Vancouver, called the Cellar.

“It gives me a look into both perspectives – as musician and business owner – which helps establish trust between me and fellow performers because I can see things from different angles,” he says.

Weeds is looking forward to showcasing his perspective and passion for jazz in Whitehorse. It will be his second time here, and he really enjoys the vibe.

“I find smaller towns to be very appreciative, and gracious,” says Weeds.

Duncan Sinclair, president of Jazz Yukon is thrilled to have Cory Weeds and his quartet playing.

“He is a phenomenal jazz musician,” Sinclair says.

Cory Weeds and his quartet, alongside Steve Davis, will be playing a cabaret style show at the Yukon Arts Centre Theatre in Whitehorse on Sunday, Nov. 24. For more information go

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