We are the Soulstice Music Society: Our music is good and good for you

We, the Soulstice Music Society, would like to take this opportunity to invite you in with open arms; to get an insiders view on who we are and what we do.

The Soulstice Music Society is a non-profit group comprised of Jordi Mikeli-Jones, Kevin Jack, Chris Janzen, Steve Swerhun, Andrea Scherle, Dustin Anderson and Jonas Smith.

Our music-inspired collective arose from the intense passion to raise music awareness for youth across the Yukon. Our interests are focused on providing Yukon youth with an outlet for musical expression, showcasing all genres, while also raising money for charitable organizations such as the Humane Society, the Red Cross and the United Way.

Our abilities include partnering with local businesses, such as Triple J’s Music Café, Unitech Professional Audio and Lighting, the Northern Hempisphere, Sandors, the Capital Hotel, Yukon Springs and The Zoo Tanning & Apparel.

We have also partnered with other societies, such as Bringing Youth Toward Equality (BYTE) and the Great Northern Ski Society and other venues such as Mount Sima, the Guild Hall, Takhini Arena and the Yukon Inn.

This has paved the way for DJs, Hip Hop Artists, Punk Rockers and Ravers alike to showcase their own talents, while also enjoying the talents of others. Since our inauguration back in 2002, we have successfully produced over 20 shows, including five free all-ages shows.

Our most recent endeavor, a Beach Party Rave, was held up at Takhini Arena on Jan. 21 raising nearly $2,000 for Tsunami Relief.

We are continually driven by the desire to provide a musical forum for a younger demographic, in addition to giving back to our community.

Every penny we make is either donated to a charitable cause or put back into the bank for our next show.

We are calling on all youth to come out and support your local artists. If you have a great idea, share it with us and we’ll try to make it happen.

In the meantime, you can look forward to bigger and better events from the Soulstice Music Society, including Simapalooza at Mount Sima on March 12 and 13. For more info on the lo’ down, call Jordi at Triple J’s Music Café, 456-7555.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives.

This column is courtesy of the Soulstice Music Society.

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