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This August, Whitehorse heavy metal music enthusiasts will be treated to a blast from the past, augmented with an infusion of new blood. Heavy-gigging juggernaut Warrmauth will be returning from hiatus to play a very special one-off show at the Jarvis Street Saloon on August 10, supported by two newer local groups—Swamp Sex Robots, and Church of Zombie.Formed in 2013, Warrmauth’s costume-clad and masked performance of 90s-influenced death metal and their energetic, entertaining live show saw them playing quite consistently for a time following their inception. However, due to post-secondary school out of the territory, the band has been on indefinite hiatus since last fall.Manus “CuddleBunny” Hopkins, lead vocalist and guitarist for Warrmauth, is thrilled to be reuniting with his bandmates and has high hopes for the upcoming show.“We actually weren’t too sure if we were going to be doing more as a band this summer, but Paris [Pick from Swamp Sex Robots] told us she really wanted to put together this show and give us the headlining spot, so we agreed to get Warrmauth going again for a sort of one-off reunion gig!”Hopkins assures us that all the outrageous costumes, masks and stage antics that Warrmauth is known for won’t be left by the wayside—they are essential to the band’s performance aesthetic. “When we were getting ready to play our first show, we all agreed that we wanted to have a visual aspect to our shows, so between the music and the stage show, even though we were just a little teenage band starting out, people would walk away from the shows remembering our band!” Hopkins explains.“We, of course, didn’t have the budget for anything too fancy, but making costumes out of cheap materials and whatever you have lying around is always a good bet. We all grew up listening to some really theatrical bands, from GWAR and Slipknot, to KISS and Mötley Crüe, and [we] just don’t want that aspect of heavy metal to be lost.”Without giving too much away, Hopkins reveals that Warrmauth will be tackling an ambitious set list and have a couple of brand-new stage tricks up their sleeves.“I think when people come to see us they know there’s gonna be a lot of energy and excitement, which will definitely still be there, but this time the show itself will be bigger. Probably the biggest we’ve done so far.”Hopkins is also very much looking forward to the two new bands opening the bill, groups also known for high-energy, creatively comedic performances. Swamp Sex Robots is a duo featuring Paris Pick from Paris Pick & The Pricks, and Aiden Tentrees of Soda Pony, while Church of Zombie is a hard rock outfit featuring members from veteran Whitehorse groups Off The Menu and The Midnight Sons.“I think the reason these three bands make such a good bill together is because, while having a variety of music styles, these are three local bands that always put on a visual show with the music as well,” said Hopkins.He hopes that this show, among others, will usher back an era of rock and roll in Whitehorse, which seems to have fallen a little by the wayside in recent years. This recession is even more noticeable in the local metal scene, a more niche market that has dwindled drastically over the course of the last decade.“I think rock ’n’ roll is gonna take over again in these next few years, and there are some serious contenders to lead the charge around here,” Hopkins anticipates. “In terms of metal, it would be really great to see some more shows happening and newer bands coming out—and I think what we need for that is younger bands starting up, like we were in high school.“There are plenty of guys who have been at it a while, playing today, but I think it’s been an awesome thing to have new bands playing their first gigs alongside the more experienced bands. That way, people going to the shows would be getting to find new music too, and my hope is that there will be enough metal bands that one moving away or splitting up doesn’t stall the scene so much.”Hopkins hopes that anyone and everyone comes out to view this one-off performance, as it will be the only one until potentially next year. He’s grateful that the music fans of Whitehorse have not forgotten Warrmauth.“I can’t wait to rock with you all again!”Warrmauth / Church of Zombie / Swamp Sex Robots takes place August 10 at the Jarvis Street Saloon. Music starts at 9:30 p.m. and tickets are available at the door. Additional information is available on the Facebook event page.

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