Season two of The Candy Show is coming to APTN on October 27.

The exciting and hilarious Candy Show is back with your backstage pass to see some of Canada’s best musicians and performers, every Thursday at 9:30 ET/MT.

The host and co-producer of the show, Candy Palmater, hand-picks all of the guests on her half-hour variety program, which is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

The season, The Candy Show features blues, metal, old school country and everything in between. She even gets tattooed and set on fire!

Candy Palmater is joined in her pink bedroom by incredible guitarist Don Ross, Broken Ohms and Stone Mary. In addition to musicians, Candy has brought together silk aerialists, burlesque performers, dancers and drummers to be a part of the second season of her series.

A self-proclaimed “recovered lawyer”, Candy Palmater wants you to forget about the mortgage payment and the kids’ soccer practice and join her on her king size pink bed for some good medicine.

Since Candy was a teen, she fantasized about asking musicians questions and hanging out in her bedroom. The mock bedroom on set creates a chilled-out atmosphere, and you never know what kind of questions Candy will ask.

Candy sees every day as an adventure and an opportunity for something crazy to happen, and Canada is invited to go along for the ride! She is big, beautiful and ballsy and when she’s on the mic, nothing is off-limits, not even her dog and her 84-year-old mother’s private parts.

The youngest of seven children, Candy says she gets her inspiration from her family.

“My parents were married into poverty and alcoholism and my six other siblings were born into that,” says Candy.

“They had me when they were sober because they wanted to do everything they missed with the first children and my brothers and sisters made it their life’s work to make sure I had everything they didn’t have… I consider the show our show because I share so many family stories on the show.”

You can catch The Candy Show on APTN during Comedy Thursdays, which also features programs to tickle your funnybone, such as the wacky animated series, By the Rapids, sketch comedies Bionic Bannock Boys and the Gemini Award-nominated Caution: May Contain Nuts.

You can find The Candy Show on Facebook by searching “The Candy Show” and on Twitter @TheCandyShow. You can also watch all of season one of The Candy Show on APTN’s “Full Episodes” page: