Cars, Guns and a Heart-pumping Soundtrack

Baby Driver is a popcorn action movie written and directed by Edgar Wright. The 113 minute flick hosts a star studded cast including Kevin Spacey, Jamie Fox and Jonn Hamm.

First Thoughts: What did I just watch? Seriously I have been here for almost two hours and I have no idea what just happened.

This is a prime example of a movie where the screenwriter has an excellent idea for a few very specific scenes, and no idea how to tie them together.

The character motivations are all over the map, they are inconsistent and just kinda staggering from one scene to the next.

Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey seem to have placed a bet on who can mug to the camera more, and really, I am not sure who won.

The action in this movie is derivative, a few cool chase scenes, but nothing we haven’t seen before. Ansel Elgort and Lily James have great chemistry, but without a script or direction to support them they are left floundering in scenes that don’t really go anywhere or add anything to the movie.

So it could seem like I am picking on this movie a little bit. But with its blatant product placement and nonsensical ending I feel like I am right to do so, but I know what you are thinking… Dave, is there nothing great about this movie? Nothing at all? In all fairness I have to give the movie one thing: is has a top tier soundtrack – great music that fits a lot of the scenes perfectly. Some of the choreography to the music was excellent as well bringing a new dynamic to what could have been a stale waiting scene. The music is so integral that the movie verges on becoming a musical at certain points, as some of the best scenes are the ones where clunky dialogue is abandoned to let the music tell the story and emote.

If you are up for a cheesy, it’s-so-bad-it’s-almost-good kind of night you can check this out, but I would recommend you buy the soundtrack and skip the movie.

This movie gets a one out of five product placed Subarus.

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