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Which APTN programs do you like to watch? Would you watch them online? What do you like most about our network? What would you change if you could?

We want to know.

Each month I write to tell you about the great things we’re doing here at APTN, but are we doing the things you expect? In an effort to gather feedback and see what our viewers really want, we’ve set up an online initiative called, myAPTN Insiders.

As a myAPTN Insider, you’ll help create your APTN, the network you want to watch. You’ll answer surveys about our programs, website and special initiatives like our coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

These won’t be boring old surveys – you’ll watch exclusive footage of new programs and be a part of online research that utilizes the latest mixed-media and visual interfaces. It’ll be like a two-way conversation – we ask, you talk, we listen.

You’ll learn a lot about how a network like APTN runs, how decisions are made and, more importantly, your thoughts and opinions will have an impact on the network. After all, this is a network by, for, and about Aboriginal People like you.

What kind of surveys will you be answering? One upcoming survey will be about the new season of Cashing In, the hit APTN show about wheelings and dealings in an Aboriginal casino.

If you are a myAPTN Insider, you will have the opportunity to see an advance screening online and provide your take on this drama before the first new episode premieres on APTN Tuesday, March 2.

So why are we gathering feedback through myAPTN Insiders rather than just asking you to call or e-mail your opinions to us? Surveys like this allow you to be anonymous as everyone’s responses are combined by a third-party company.

We want you to feel you can be honest and open about what you think and say. Welcoming all feedback is the only way to go – we don’t mind constructive criticism. In fact, we want this to be a two-way conversation with the people who know us best: you.

Don’t worry, you’ll get feedback from us – myAPTN Insiders will always be told how much they are contributing to APTN through weekly newsletters sent exclusively to them.

Everyone has an opinion, and sharing yours could lead to some great prizes. myAPTN Insiders are entered into draws for cash prizes and online gift cards every time they complete a survey.

We know that APTN is important to you. Becoming a myAPTN Insider is your chance to play an even more vital role in making APTN the network you want it to be. It’s free and easy to join – just visit, click on “Join Now” and fill out a quick questionnaire and, if you’re eligible, we’ll contact you.

Next month: Tune in as APTN continues into the spring season with an exciting lineup of original programming, new seasons of fan favourites, and a variety of documentary and movie premieres.

Make sure to log on to to see our full northern schedule and more information on current programming and initiatives, contests and memberships.

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