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Today the internet is an active place with crazy things going viral all the time. From cat videos to fail compilations, to the latest greatest talent, the internet world holds all the weird and wonderful sides of life within it.

One such example of a strange thing to go viral happened last week. A young student by the name of Nicole Larson decided she would show the world how she did not need a boyfriend to make her life complete. Instead, a 4-sided companion otherwise known as a Pizza Hut Box took his place.  

A local Yukoner, my sister Miriam Ott, was the photographer. She set up the shoot and made Larson’s romantic pizza ideals a reality.

Soon after, Nicole posted the photos on social media as a gag for her friends, as she wanted to share her version of the often seen engagement photo albums on Facebook. Little did she know that in the next few days the album would hit more than 40,000 shares and go viral.

As the week progressed, big name internet sites such as BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan magazine and even the New York Globe and Mail reached out to the young students and shared their story with the Internet world.

It seemed everyone could relate to the single life and finding comfort in pizza. However, the underlying message Nicole was trying to get across was simply that women can be independent and happy without a man in their life. I agree, along with the rest of the web. Even actress and singer Zoe Deschanel chimed in and reposted the girls fun photo shoot.

Since the photos went viral, Nicole has been approached by the local Pizza Hut and presented with a generous gift card to satisfy her romantic craving. As for my sister? Well, she has been approached by people requesting her to take pictures for their weddings, including an all-expenses-paid trip to shoot a wedding in the Cayman Islands.

The moral of this internet phenomenon is: if you follow a passion and the world can relate to you, you can make it into the realm of virtual fame.

To learn more about the  girls’ experiences and to check out the rest of Miriam’s photography, you can visit her blog at or on her Instagram account @Miriam_Lena.

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