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“Intersectional feminism”—what is it and what does it mean? The Yukon Status of Women Council (YSWC) is helping Yukoners learn more with an interactive (feminist) film screening of Bend it like Beckham. The event, which will act as a fundraiser, will take place at the Beringia Centre on May 9 at 6:30 p.m. The event is open to individuals who want to learn more about intersectional feminism, those who want to support the YSWC’s work to promote gender equality through research and education, and those who just want to watch Bend it like Beckham again.

Attendees are invited to dress in creative soccer-themed costumes or early 2000s-inspired garb. The idea is to enjoy a guilty pleasure movie that has always been near to your heart, but to do it with a critical eye. Hollywood’s depictions of gender, sexuality, race, class and other identities will be collectively applauded and criticized—all in good fun of course. The “interactive” portion of the viewing will follow a set of rules, though attendees are encouraged to get into the spirit and go off script.

Without spoiling too much of the movie’s plot, Bend it Like Beckham is a useful tool for exploring intersectional feminism as it follows a pair of young women—one Caucasian and one Indian—and their relationship with soccer amidst the expectations imposed on them by their families and society at large. You see, the world is not made equal for women. In fact, many of the systems of power that we are born into, such as political frameworks, religious norms, and educational institutions, operate in a way that actively privileges some people while actively marginalizing others. (e.g. women.) The thing is, not all women experience the same level of marginalization. These systems of power affect an Indigenous or Indian woman a lot differently (usually a lot more oppressively) than a Caucasian woman, for example.

So, when the YSWC says it uses an “intersectional feminist framework” to inform its research, the organization is recognizing that “discrimination doesn’t exist in a bubble—different kinds of prejudice can be amplified in different ways when put together,” according to the International Women’s Development Agency.

However, the interactive movie fundraiser night won’t get too heady or intellectual. In fact, the YSWC is preparing to entertain attendees with a cash bar of original soccer-themed cocktails and mocktails, Winterlong beer, delicious pizza from Panago, Klondike Kettle Corn popcorn for purchase, and a swath of fabulous silent auction items including creations from Wild Yukon Furs and an Alkan Air flight simulator certificate.

It will be a fun chance to let off some steam and revisit this classic film that, at its heart, is a story of friendship and determination. Discounted advance tickets for this 19+ event can be purchased for ahead of time on at, or at the door. All proceeds go to the Yukon Status of Women Council to support its essential work. This event is made possible thanks to event partners Wild Furs Yukon and Whitehorse Blue Bin Recycling, and sponsors including Alkan Air, Ignite Counselling, O’Riordan and Champs Tree Service, Jessica Westman Investors Group, Winterlong Brewing, Panago Pizza, Klondike Kettle Corn and Cultured Fine Cheese.

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