New Yukon Media Funds

Yukon Media Funding has long been helpful to artists of all kinds in the territory, from musicians to filmmakers. As the arts and entertainment industry undergoes constant and rapid change, many creators find themselves needing to adapt, and their support programs need to adapt as well. This is why the Government of Yukon has revamped its media funding for filmmakers, with four new funding programs: the Predevelopment Fund, the Development Fund, the Media Production Fund and the Training Fund.

“The Yukon is full of excellent filmmakers, both new and established,” said Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai in a news release. “These new funds will provide them with the resources needed to take their work to new heights for the benefit of all Yukoners.”

The Government of Yukon heard feedback from the film industry, during public engagements, and took into account when deciding how to properly revamp their funding programs to best suit the needs of the industry. The new media funds serve as replacements for the previous film funds, which included the Film Location Incentive, the Film Training Initiative, the Filmmakers Fund the Film Development Fund, and the Film Production Fund.

These five programs were launched in 2004 and never received significant changes or updates. They had become outdated with the growth and changes the film industry has seen since then. Applications for the new programs will be taken in during a yearly opening period, starting this spring at varying dates for the four new programs. There are no restrictions on the number of applicants that can receive funding, though if multiple submissions are received within 10 days of an application period’s opening date, and the funding to endorse them all is not available, applications will be assessed and prioritized based on the economic benefit their projects would provide to the Yukon. Successful applicants will receive funding once per project.

There are eligibility requirements that applicants must meet, chiefly among them being based in the Yukon, meaning must be registered to conduct business in the Yukon, must be majority owned by Yukon residents, must have a business address in the Yukon and other similar requirements. Between the four programs, many Yukon film industry professionals and beginners should be able to find something that suits them, and all who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply, regardless of how established they are.

In January, the Government of Yukon hosted a series of information sessions about the new programs. Those who missed the sessions are free to reach out with any questions or for guidance with their applications. To read more about these new media funding opportunities and to see if your project is eligible and how to apply for funding, visit

“I want to thank all of the industry stakeholders who provided input to guide these funds, and I wish them all success on their next projects,” said Pillai.

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