Whitehorse Photography Club Showcase

Welcome to the Q2 submissions from the Whitehorse Photography Club featuring three outstanding images by Gerry Steer, Walter Gutowski and Geoff Muldoon. The photo composition by Gutowski was one of the group’s submissions to the North Shore Photography Competition where the Whitehorse Photography club placed 12th out of 29 clubs. Check out the Q3 submission to What’s Up Yukon in September!

Gerry Steers’ Image

This is Vicki, a recent addition to our family, a 5.5 year old rottweiler,  and retired breeder.  She sat giving me the puppy eyes right by a flower pot in our living room, and looked so cute, I snapped this photo.  It was taken with a Panasonic DMC FZ 1000 at 1/60, f 3.9, and ISO 200.  This camera isn’t the latest technology, but  was the one I had handy. Animals are the main focus in my photography, mine and pets belong to other people,  but I do love scenery and flowers.  Since this photo combines two of my loves, it is the one I have chosen

Geoff Muldoon Carcross train tracks

Geoff Muldoon’s Image

A fall afternoon spending some time in Carcross I captured this image of the train tracks leading into the community

Walter Gutowski Image

Walter Gutowski’s Image

A composite image of a person anticipating a home that is now gone and replaced by a barricade. This image was one of six images that was entered by the Whitehorse Photography Club in the North Shore Photography Competition. Whitehorse Photography club placed 12th out of 29 clubs

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