Cam & Legs are ready for their closeup

Cam, that breakdancing Brownie Hawkeye camera; and Legs, the glove that struts and dances like a DJ, have returned to Whitehorse.

Cam & Legs creator and puppeteer, Brian Fidler, has scheduled the shows for Thursday to Sunday at The Old Fire Hall. Then he is on his way to Victoria’s Uno Festival for performances May 24, 26 and 28.

“I want people to see it here first,” says Fidler from the studio on his Pineridge property.

“I learn a lot from audiences up here because, even if they like you, they will be honest.

“Especially kid audiences.”

Judging from the laughter and the feedback from last July’s run at The Old Fire Hall, Fidler has tweaked the show after some people had questions about the ending.

“And I’m developing their characters to make sure they are two different people.

“But I need to keep the spark.”

He also needs to keep the show mostly intact because he had sent a DVD to the Uno Festival judges and they should get the story that they’ve been shown.

“We watched your DVD,” came the reply from Uno. “We really liked your show and just want to be sure you clear your calendar.”

This gig is special to Fidler because it was a juried selection. Many others are chosen by lottery, which means a show does not have to prove it is good before being presented.

Therefore, Uno attracts a who’s who of solo performers from across Canada and there will be presenters in the audience to scout out new acts.

Next for the trio will be a show in Atlin in June and there is the Vancouver Fringe Festival in September.

Possibly, for next year, there is the World Expo in Shanghai. Fidler says the selection judges are from Cirque du Soleil so, even if he doesn’t make the cut, he may still be on their radar.

And there may be a Maritime tour lined up by Mermaid Theatre in Nova Scotia, where Fidler was given a puppet-making room and assistance in building the four sets that Cam and Legs need for their show.

Back in Whitehorse last spring, Joseph Tisiga painted a streetscape on a rolling canvas and the other miniature sets. He also added graffiti to the skate board park.

Amiel Gladstone helped Fidler with the story and actions while Jon Gelinas, André Gagne and Jordy Walker wrote and recorded the music.

In the summer, about 25 people showed up for each show and Fidler says that was expected: “It was July … it is hard to get people out of their canoes and into a dark theatre.”

This year, the show will be presented in the spring. There will be shows Thursday and Friday, May 14 and 15, at 7 p.m., at the Old Fire Hall.

To further encourage his younger fans to come out, there will be shows at 1 and 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets are available at the Yukon Arts Centre Box Office, Arts Underground and at the door.

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