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Skagway’s Nude and Rude Revue is once again visiting Whitehorse to share its specialized mx of performance art, including variety, vaudeville, burlesque, song and dance. The 12-member group, led by Juneauites Taylor Vidic and Cameron Brockett, is on an autumn “Guilty Pleasures” tour that will travel through Whitehorse, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Dawson City and, lastly, Seattle. Last year’s visit to Whitehorse featured two sold-out shows. The Revue has prepared some new features for returning audience.

“This is our ‘Guilty Pleasures’ tour, so I invite you to think of your own guilty pleasures,” Vidic said in an email. “I’m sure we’ll address a couple common ones, but we can’t wait to surprise you with a few unique, unexpected guilty pleasures as well. I don’t want to give away too much.

“Last year taught us so much about how to tour and about the communities we are privileged to perform in, and we are ecstatic to do it all over again; bigger, better, funnier and sexier.”

The group puts together a teasing storytelling performance that embraces glamour, humour, and sassiness, all captured by the name of their live house band, The Better Than Boobs Band.

But this isn’t any amateur show. The performances will feature talented performers. Vidic notes that the performers have extensive history with theatre. In fact, three have degrees in musical theatre. Others have worked with Perseverance Theatre in Juneau and one is currently a set designer in California. In addition, the band features musicians who have been plying their trade professionally for decades. Vidic herself has completed a business degree, which helps with the management duties.

The group started as the brainchild of Brockett and Vidic in 2016, when the two were working at the Red Onion Saloon in Skagway. 

“It was a surprising combination of Cameron’s spark of interest (which quickly turned into a love) for burlesque, my propensity toward throwing parties and working at the Red Onion Saloon surrounded by powerful, talented women,” said Vidic. “After a couple years of successful and sold-out shows in Skagway, we brought the gang to Juneau for more packed shows. In Juneau, one of our horn players said, ‘We should take this on tour.’”

That launched the 2018 “Try it, You’ll Like It” tour that Whitehorse saw last fall. The new show will continue the group’s values of inviting all humans into to escape and play, fuelled by humour, teasing and glamour.

“We learned so, so, much and had such a good response last year, we couldn’t help ourselves but to do it all over again,” said Vidic.

The troupe will host two nights of shows, with 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. performances at the North of Ordinary Experience Center, joined by Whitehorse local, Cherie Coquette. For more information, find them on Facebook or visit their website

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