The one and only Dessert & Dance

The answer came from Rebekah Bell and Bruce Johnston in the perfect unison you would expect from two band teachers – from Porter Creek and F.H. Collins Secondary School, respectively. The question was if they would add an extra Dessert & Dance this year since it is so popular and raises money for the All-City Band Society and the various bands, concerts and programs it supports. 
People had been asking.

They know why it is so popular as it is a real family event that gives people a chance to dance, have a dessert and then dance again to work it off.

“And it gives the students a chance to hear a good jazz band,” says Johnson. “And to hear a trumpet player play for two hours.

“They think they are done after 20 minutes.”

Those “good jazz bands” are the Junior Jazz Band and Senior Jazz Combo. Each will play three songs before giving it up to the All-City Senior Concert Band. In-between songs, a local ballroom dancing club, Dancesport, teaches everyone some dance moves.

“It’s a chance to recruit new members for them,” says Johnson.

“And it’s a chance for them to dance to live music,” adds Bell.

They won’t be disappointed as a real dance floor is laid in the Porter Creek Secondary School cafeteria, and lights and decorations are strung up.

“We try to make it look as un-cafeteria-like as possible,” says Bell.

The students do much of the physical work and, for the third year, the same two adult coordinators will be arranging the set up.

“Everything is in the right boxes from last year,” says Johnson. “It’s amazing how organized these ladies are.”

Bell agrees: “It’s going to be smooth and it’s going to be beautiful.”

Besides the desserts and dancing and dance lessons, there will be a silent auction. Bell says there will be artwork, crafts, gift certificates, gift baskets and services like piano tuning.  2009Johnson says some students will auction off three or four hours of their labour, too.

“And a stereo system,” says Johnson.
“With tower speakers,” adds Bell.

The 9th Annual Dessert & Dance is Saturday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m., at the Porter Creek Secondary School cafeteria. Tickets are available at the door or by calling 667-8044 or 667-8665. They are $10 each or $35 for a family.

But that will be it for this year … it is a lot of hard work.

Come prepared to dance

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