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On March 24th the Winterlong Brewing Co. will be slinging more than beer when they play host to two popular Los Angeles based podcasts. They’ll be slinging jokes as well, when the podcast shows Goods from The Woods and This is Rad are recorded at the brewery’s Tasting Room in front of a live audience. Admission will be free and is part of the inaugural Yukon Comedy Festival produced by the Yukon Comedy Collective.

Podcasts are audio or video broadcasts that are available for downloading online. Content can range anywhere from serialised shows and documentaries to everyday conversations.

“The idea for the live podcast event is due to the fact that many of our performers have their own podcasts and it is a burgeoning media format that is a great outlet for comedy,” said Yukon Comedy Collective President Richard Eden.

California comic Kyle Clark is the host of the podcast This is Rad, and he performs on March 23 at the Old Fire Hall

Richard discovered the host of This is Rad, Kyle Clark, when he would occasionally appear on the extremely popular podcast Nerdist. Eden subscribed to Clarks show and immediately loved it. One episode featured the host of Goods from the Woods, comic Rivers Langley. Eden subscribed to Langley’s podcast and became a fan. As time went on Eden decided to give back. “After a few years I wanted to find a way to contribute to the entertainment I was consuming for free each week. I offered my services as a web developer and the relationships grew from there.”

Eden stayed connected to them, eventually booking the podcasters/comics for the Yukon Comedy Festival. Comedy and having fun is at the forefront of both The Goods from the Woods and the This is Rad podcasts. Both podcasts discuss topics rooted in pop culture, yet they have have a distinctly different flavour to them. Both shows began in 2014 and have since grown a loyal fan base, their episodes numbering up to almost 200 each.

This is Rad is all about positivity,” Eden said. “It’s about taking a deep dive into the things you love. Whether it’s a band, a type of food, a TV show or movie.

The Goods from the Woods is about the expedition into the world of often forgotten pop culture, featuring personal tales and recollections, with occasional bouts of historically accurate information and a lot of comedy.”

At the podcast recording Kyle Clark will be joined by his co-host Matt Burnside, while Rivers Langley will be joined by his energetic co host Mr. Good Night.

“I think the fun of watching Mr. Goodnight perform live – in pretty much any arena, podcast or otherwise – is the crowd’s reaction to him as a person when he gets going. I have watched many comedy audiences from one side of the country to the other just absolutely come unglued when he starts to do his thing on stage,” Rivers Langley said.

Along with providing a unique venue for the podcast recordings, the Winterlong Brewing Co. has played a large role in the development of the comedy festival by stepping up to help The Yukon Comedy Collective achieve its vision and goals.

“Winterlong Brewing decided to sponsor the event because we love to support local arts and culture,” said owner Marko Marjanovic. “We decided to sponsor the Yukon Comedy Festival specifically because it is their first year ever, and we wanted to help make it a great success so that we can expect the festival to continue in future years.”

The Yukon Comedy Festival’s free, live recording events of The Goods from the Woods and This is Rad takes place at The Winterlong Brewing Co., located at 83 Mount Sima Road on Saturday, March 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event has a 45-seat capacity and is first come, first served.

Please note that the event is 18+ and alcohol will not be served or sold until 11 a.m. For more information, visit

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