A Fashionable Farewell

Unfortunately, this fashion horse is leaving the stable.

That’s right, I am moving on to different pastures (not necessarily greener). So for my final article I thought I would showcase someone in Whitehorse who clued me into fashion the most and showed me the way to fashion glory.

Moving to the Yukon was only meant to be a temporary measure. When I arrived, I hadn’t foreseen how awesome it was going to be, so I ended up staying.

Before the move, life wasn’t really going as planned while at university in BC – mostly because the plan was getting ignored; it wasn’t as much fun as drinking with friends! (Side note: I did find the loophole on how to get your tuition back on the day of your exam.)

After the move, I was at a crossroad between being who I used to be, and not quite who I really was. So I gave myself a reality check by plunging into activities I once enjoyed that didn’t include drink specials.

Through this I found out that the Yukon is the easiest place to just go out, do what you love to do, and be surrounded by amazing people that share the same interests.

Once I felt caught up to myself and back on track I started to wonder, “Why doesn’t the inside of me, match the outside?”

In my head, I know that “being Erica” is to be silly, charming and tactless. But what I wanted was for people to know that this was what they were going to get before I even opened my mouth.

Now, I’ve always envied the people who have 100 per cent their own style.

I really wanted to be the girl in high school who wore the un-laced Doc Martens with cool retro shirts from her dad, who would hang out in the art room to “finish up a project”.

But unfortunately, I wore whatever would make me the least noticeable by everybody. Until Grade 11, that is. I swear I started the wearing-pyjama-pants-at-school trend (hmmm, I guess this makes me writing a fashion article very non-creditable now).

What I’m trying to say is, I’ve always had good intentions when it comes to style, just poor direction. It wasn’t until one fateful house party in Whitehorse that my fashion journey would begin.

I had made some acting pals through the Guild Hall. We had gathered at a house where there was even going to be a live band! The lead singer of that band is my Yukon fashion subject, Ms. Fiona Solon (The band was Pegasus Wing, remember?!).

I remember seeing all these new faces, but what I really wanted to know was who was the funky chick in the shiny black 1982 tour jacket for The Who?. How could I look that cool? And would that jacket even fit me?

It didn’t happen overnight. You can’t just copy a style you like; that’s how people become referred to as “stylish” and not “fashionable”.

It wasn’t until two years later that I truly felt I had “become Erica”. If you’re just joining us now, I have already told readers about my thrift-store epiphany that was truly where fashion Erica was born.

But Fiona was the seed. She showed me how easy it is to be yourself and that no one can question your fashion intentions if you are just 100 per cent true to your insides.

Ms. Fiona Solon

Where did you get each item you are wearing?

Red dress: is my sister’s. She got it from our family dress-up collection.

Gumboots: are from the Trading post in Dawson City.

Burgundy Dress: My sparkle magic dress was Lauren Passmore’s and the headpiece I found on the road in Carcross.

Is there an interesting story to something you are wearing?

At my Gram’s house or “the cabin in Tagish”, the best game to possibly play was dress-up. My family has an epic collection. My sisters and I all have dress-up articles in our regular rotation now, hence the red dress. Little kid dresses that have turned into shirts, long skirts that have become strapless dresses, lace gloves for when you’re feeling fancy, et cetera.

What is the most important wardrobe item you own?

My dark green cardigan. It has blown out pockets, button holes that are too big, and large wooden buttons. I bought it at Frenchie’s (the Sally Ann of the Maritimes) whilst hitchhiking across Canada when I was 18. It still fits, and I still rock it all the time.

If you could choose a theme song to your life what would it be?

“The Final Countdown” by Europe.

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