Artist Annie Johnsgaard showcases the power of transiency

“This temporary drawing shows the peace in transience and change”

Annie Johnsgaard’s lovely (inventive, often amusing) ever-changing chalk murals brighten the walls of Yukonstruct Cospace, where she works. Here’s what she has to say about her latest temporary piece.

Artist Statement:

“For me this drawing shows the peace that comes in transience and change. Drawn in chalk, three swans tangled in a triquetra are falling in front of an ambiguous sun or moon.

“The nature of the medium makes this piece temporary. It will only exist for a month and then will be wiped away and replaced with another image.

“The triquetra is an interlaced symbol of three that’s meant many things to different cultures at different times. Possibly stolen,possibly shared, it’s been a symbol of maiden, mother and crone.

It’s been life, death, rebirth. Mind, body, spirit. Land, sea, sky. Past, present, future. The heart of it is constantly changing depending who you talk to.

“I’ve also been watching the swans this month – cherishing the brief time that they’re here and appreciating them for leaving a place when it no longer suits them.

Nothing about this piece is expected to be here long, but it can be colourful and whimsical while it lasts.” 

Lori Fox once accidentally brushed up against one of Annie’s murals and smudged it, which they still feel bad about to this day.

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