Coasters’ DJ Showdown

Picture this: three hot Yukon DJs together spinning off beats, laying down tracks and raising the dance floor to extreme levels.

DJ KJ gives the rundown of this three-DJ strong entourage, happening at Coasters on April 10: “It’s myself, The Beat Bombshell and Blown Breaker all on stage with six turntables and two CD turntables.

“It’s going to be awesome,” he says.

The threesome plan to start the night off mellow and light with funky beats, and then transition to house. They will wrap up the night with dirty-bass, hard-hitting, slam-the-dance floor tracks.

“There’s an art to having three of us playing in and out of each other,” says DJ KJ. “The worst thing that happens is the intelligible wall of sound, and we really work to avoid that,” he emphasizes.

The goal of the night is clean, clear sound that rocks the dance floor and blends music smoothly.

DJ KJ is a fan of rocking the old-school CCR and throwing down house music on top of it. “I’m into experimenting with sound, from classic to current,” he says.

DJ KJ and The Beat Bombshell have a long history of DJ’ing in the Whitehorse bar scene and with each other as a musical couple.

DJ KJ reminisces about the hopping scene at the former Capital, a place he cut tracks as a new DJ building his skills: “I’ve been working as a DJ for about 10 years now, and Sasha (The Beat Bombshell) picked it up after we had been together for a few years. She’s the fastest learner I’ve ever taught,” DJ KJ says of his DJ partner.

The DJ twosome play together, live together and enjoy mixing music. “I could never judge or criticize anyone’s tracks. It would be like telling an artist they should use a different technique to create,” says DJ KJ of his musical relationship with The Beat Bombshell.

He states they don’t have disagreements on styles or tracks because their work is an art, and despite being picky about his own work, he couldn’t comment on other’s beats.

Whitehorse audiences have been good to DJ KJ and The Beat Bombshell, as DJ KJ notes, “I couldn’t have done it without being absolutely blessed by them. Where else could we see world-renowned DJs like Deekline and Krafty Kuts, and also have the support of local audiences for our music?”

The DJ showdown is another chance for Whitehorse fans to rock out to their local DJs, as the three normally perform together only a few times a year, such as on Halloween and Boxing Day.

“People know that if they come to our shows, they’re in for good times, good tunes and something entirely different in underground music,” says DJ KJ.

The show is on April 10, doors open at 9 p.m., show 30 minutes later featuring DJ KJ (Kevin Jack), The Beat Bombshell (Sasha Sywulsky) and Blown Breaker (Graham Cowman).

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