Colour The Yukon

Erin Dixon is an artist with a passion for Yukon landscapes. “I was into colouring before it was hot,” she says with a laugh. A self described avid colourer, Dixon noticed a vacancy, “I know that colouring is really popular right now and I wanted to fill the void for Yukoners and visitors wishing for a Yukon colouring book.”

Wild Rose and The Midnight Sun – Coloured by Mike Corcoran, photographed by Mike Corcoran. Erin Dixon’s uncle Mike lives in Edmonton and has never been to the Yukon, but he loves to colour! “He said he really liked that they were small enough to finish in a sitting and let him express his artistic tendencies without too much pressure!”

Erin Dixon is a member of Yukon Artists @ Work, a local artist’s co-operative. Dixon writes about her adventures on her blog and she can be reached at [email protected]. Colour the Yukon is available for sale at Mac’s Fireweed.

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