DJ Deekline: From London, UK to Whitehorse, YT

Coasters Bar & Grill is gearing up for the cosmopolitan sounds of slick DJ Deekline, a hot performer on the dance, jungle, dubstep and electronic DJ circuit.

Nick “Deekline” Annand is doing a quick tour of Canadian hot spots, from Golden and Aurora, British Columbia to Saskatoon, and then finishing with Whitehorse.

He is clearly ending on a high note. Jonas Smith, Coasters’ entertainment manager, says performers from the “big cities” are often surprised at what they see in Whitehorse. “It’s pretty funny actually. They come here expecting tundra and igloos, and are pleasantly surprised that there is a bustling city with lots to do.”

Coming to the North from London, England or other huge city centres is a novelty for many musical artists, notes Smith.

DJs appreciate playing different venues as a chance to shake up their performances and often the DJs Smith brings to Coasters are from the same booking agent: “We have an agreement, and the agent sends me acts as she books tours for them.

“We’ve ended up with some pretty big names in the DJ world, like Australian Nick Thayer, Mat the Alien and Ali B and I’ve been impressed.

“Deekline is next in line to wow Whitehorse audiences,” says Smith.

And what does music experimenter extraordinaire, Deekline, think of going from huge stages to more humble venues in a city with less than 30,000 people? He was kind enough to send an e-mail while his tour runs in Australia, and writes, “I love the great vibe in the small towns, it’s always awesome and people always seem to be a lot more appreciative for the music.

“The smaller intimate parties are sometimes the best parties.

“Sometimes the more intimate gigs are the most successful. Being a DJ isn’t just about the music you play; it is about the people you play it to.

“I like to leave a gig feeling that the people connected with each other as much as they connected with me.”

The audiences in Whitehorse may not be huge, but they are passionate about good music and excellent DJ’ing.

Local DJs DJKJ and Beat Bombshell are opening up the house for Deekline, which may be tough acts to follow.

And what encouraged Deekline to bring his music and techniques to Canada?

“I always loved Canada for its beautiful scenery and energy; I also found the Canadian people to be some of the most outgoing that I have come across.

“My music is about soul and creating a positive party energy and I think this has been behind my music arriving in Canada,” he says.

He hopes to make a repeat tour in the next few years.

The show is on Friday, March 19, and doors open at 9 p.m. Tickets are available at the door, and the opening DJs step onstage at 10 p.m.

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