A French Feast for the Senses

Onde de choc is a new event that will bring together over 25 Francophone artists from a variety of disciplines.

Through culinary art, video, interactive installation, music, dance, storytelling, visual art, theatre and poetry, everyone is invited to discover an eclectic glimpse of the Francophone community’s talent at the Yukon Arts Centre on Friday, Nov. 1.

The evening will start with a performance arts show. Established Francophone performers such as Hélène Beaulieu, Pascal St-Laurent and Sylvie Painchaud will share the stage with emerging artists around the theme of onde de choc, which means shock wave.

As the audience leave the theatre, they will be greeted with culinary delights by Karina Lapointe, Jessica Nadon, and Françoise Laroche – delectables that they can nibble on while browsing through the next phase of the event: a visual art show. The art will include paintings and drawings, as well as a video by Arlin McFarlin and an interactive installation by Baptiste Bohelay.

Virginie Hamel, Onde de choc’s artistic director, took on the challenge of making all these artistic pieces work together in one event.

“It was a bit nerve racking at first, but once all the artists started coming forward with their great ideas and original suggestions, everything fell into place,” Hamel says.

Hamel and her team want to offer a fresh look at the Francophone artistic community.

All artists were asked to bring forward new pieces of work or to re-visit something of their own. Hamel encouraged artists to get out of their comfort zone, pick up a new instrument or collaborate with someone they had not worked with before.

Hamel herself is trying new things, too.

“For the performance aspect of the event, I decided to step away from the traditional variety show hosted by an MC,” Hamel says. “The whole evening will flow lyrically, transitions will be in music with Brass Knuckle Society and with poetry performed by actors.”

The desire to create a new space of expression for local artists encouraged the Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) to let go of old traditions.

Some might remember the annual Gala de la francophonie that used to combine performances from local artists with an award ceremony to underline the work of outstanding community members. After consulting the community, the AFY realised the Galano longer satisfied people’s needs.

“Even though we all recognize the importance of rewarding dedicated members of the community, the desire for an event fully focused on the artists was made very clear,” Hamel says. “To mix community events with a performance sometimes takes the focus off the artist,” Hamel says. “With Onde de choc, the spotlight will shine only on the local artists and their talent.”

Onde de choc takes place at the Yukon Arts Centre on Nov. 1. Go to www.afy.yk.cafor more information.

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