McLean Girls Whoop It Up in Whitehorse

Brooke, Hayley, Erica and drummer Andrew Peebles are fresh off of a winter of touring as The McLean Girls. This summer they’re back in Whitehorse to play for fun this season. Ready to strut their stuff to a hometown crowd, they’re eager to show Yukon audiences what they’ve been missing over the long, cold winter.

Their country-folk, danceable songs are a mix of classics and original material and they’re prepared to get crowds down on the dance floor. “We’ll play whatever gets people on the floor and dancing,” says Brooke McLean, of their plans for the two upcoming gigs in town.

Not content with just playing, they are also a key hand in creating the upcoming Frog Mountain Music Festival, featuring local Yukon performers all together in a beautiful outdoor ranch venue.

Headlined by the McLean Girls, Frog Mountain is a blend of rock, folk, country and whatever else comes out.

Started by ranch owner Barbara Drury and supported by the McLean Girls and Rosie Drury, Frog Mountain aimed for a smashing lineup.

“We’re really trying to get something great going,” says McLean. The idea for the festival came about after a few beers out at the ranch, some conversations led to noticing the gap in music festivals in the Yukon and, voila!, why not hold one out at Barbara Drury’s ranch, the Circle D Ranch, just past the Mayo Road?

“We’re following a bit of a trend right now,” says Rosie Drury, “and we’re hoping this catches on and is a great experience.”

The Drury family provides the scenic venue, Brooke McLean the talent, and a festival is born.

The lineup is loaded with Yukon talent and, according to McLean, local bands that have gotten very popular and in-demand.

“You’d be surprised at how many bands don’t play locally, because they’ve gotten so big. This is our chance to bring them back, and have them play to the community again,” says McLean.

Frog Mountain is a family friendly, all ages event. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any adult refreshments, as Frostbite has stepped up to handle the beer tent.

The Drury family will be selling fresh chili, hotdogs and other meals from its farm, and other crafters and concessions will be on-site.

Current talent includes Kim Beggs, Dave Haddock, Nicole Edwards, Gordie Tentrees, Brandon Isaak and the Whitehorse Blues Allstars, Johnny Pogue and the Colleens, a smattering of comedy, belly dancing and rock covers.

Headliners are, of course, the McLean Girls.

The festival hopes to be a unique, exciting night of laughter, chill songs, dancing and rocking out. Camping is available.

Can’t make it to the Frog Mountain Music Festival on July 24, from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.? Catch the McLean Girls in action at Coasters, playing a solid set of covers and some originals on Friday, July 23.

For a preview of McLean songs, check them out at (Or “them clean girls” as Brooke McLean laughingly calls the site).

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