Minotaur Rampages with Nemesis and 3 Inches of Blood

Young metal rockers of Minotaur are gearing up for two major events: opening for Nemesis and 3 Inches of Blood and the launch of their demo.

They can’t decide which is more exciting, and for the four friends, it’s a big step toward a promising future in music.

Geoff Woods performs vocal and guitar, Keenan Dennehy rocks the bass, Cavan Egan joins Woods with guitar and vocals and Sean Komaromi blasts on drums.

Together for almost four years, the band has seen a maturing of its songs and music styles.

“When we first started, our influences were more thrash metal like Slayer and Metallica,” notes Woods of the band’s humble beginnings.

As they age toward graduation, the members have seen their sound change from thrash to more subtle influences, as bass player Dennehy calls it, a more “mature” metal rock.

He laughs that they might not have Bob Marley lyrics, but they’re definitely delving into more “psychedelic” sounds.

Dennehy adds that while they are a metal band, they don’t want to be seen in a narrow light, like other typical metal bands.

They’re a band that is open to all music types and works these influences into their art, even a little Pink Floyd. Woods adds that the songs are longer, more complex and definitely more intense.

This is serious metal for hardcore fans.

From their eighth-grade friendships, a strong band sprouted. The musical bond shared between the four members remains strong as they prepare for the launch of their demo, hopefully co-inciding nicely with their opening for metal stars 3 Inches of Blood.

“It’s huge for us, and we’re really looking forward to playing, as well as starting to release our demo,” says Woods.

They opened for 3 Inches of Blood last summer and are thrilled to have the opportunity to rock their show again.

“It’s great that Coasters has asked us back, and for our band, the exposure is great,” says Woods of the invitation.

The future looks promising for Minotaur, as they are fresh off winning B.Y.T.E’s Battle of the Bands in February, which included a recording session with Old Crow Studios. They hope to use the demo released from the session as a sort of “musical transcript” as Woods calls it, to show what Minotaur is really about.

“As everyone is gearing up for university applications, sending their school transcripts in, well this is sort of our transcript, to really show what we’ve accomplished,” he says.

This is the first year Minotaur won the Battle of the Bands, but they came close by taking second place last year.

They always dreamed of being in a successful band, and this year is the year of the Minotaur.

3 Inches of Blood, with Nemesis and Minotaur opening, blast into Whitehorse on Saturday, April 3. Doors open at 9 p.m. and Minotaur steps onstage at 9:30 p.m. Tickets cost $15 and are available at the door.

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