Summer Scapes

Evie Allen’s current show at the Chocolate Claim, Summer Bluescapes, is an ideal companion to the robust anticipation that accompanies the onset of summer in the Yukon.

Allen’s paintings employ simple, bold lines and colours, mainly on the theme of water scenes and water-based activities. The works have a delightful movement and buoyancy of their own.

The diptych Paddle depicts the splash of a kayak paddle stabbing at the white spray of the river.

The two parts of this painting evoke – on one hand – the mania that overtakes people in a northern summer and – on the other hand -the moments of pure relaxation that come when the sun is high in the sky and the beauty of the north enters your soul.

There are a few other iconic images in this exhibition. Howling at the Midnight Sun and Soar celebrate the canines and the birds of the north respectively.

Ripple is another diptych illustrating the quiet solitude of a duck on the water.

Sipping java, making plans for the long summer days, you can draw inspiration from Allen’s Summer Bluescapes until the end of the month.

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