Yukon artist Nicole Bauberger has decided to take on quite the challenge. 

She is working on a project called Get Here From There, which will depict Canadian roads from one coast to the other.

Bauberger will be driving across the country, stopping along the way to paint scenes.

While some artists prefer to photograph and then paint, Bauberger plans to paint live, amidst nature.

“I feel the road is a common ground for Canadians, it is interesting, yet troubling at the same time,” she says.

Bauberger will be showcasing her collection in Abbotsford, B.C. in 2016.

She began the project in 2012. The first portion was showcased at the Art Gallery of St. Albert, AB. The second viewing was at the Dawson Creek Public Gallery, B.C. in 2013.

This spring, Bauberger will be in St. John’s, Newfoundland scouting the roads. From there she will travel to Montreal.

Having grown up in Peterborough, Ontario Bauberger was lucky enough to work alongside artist David Bierk. Through this experience she developed many artistic skills, including encaustic art. This medium involves melting wax, creating a painting like piece of art.

“Late at night in the Bierk art studio I began my first experiments with encaustic, using the hot plate we used to make the rabbit skin glue.”

In 2001, during this opportunity, Bauberger began traveling to the Yukon in the summers. Becoming captivated by the wildlife and scenery, Bauberger made the Yukon her permanent home in 2003.

“I belong to the Yukon now,” she says.

“I’m deeply involved in my art community here, and write and think about art and culture in the North as well as taking part in creating it.”

Currently, Bauberger is showcasing a collection called Francis at the Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery from January 8 to 30. The inspiration for these pieces comes from the artist’s dog, Francis. While Bauberger was on the road painting for her Get Here From There collection Francis was run over and killed.

“Originally, Frances was supposed to take on the role of a guard dog, but her personality was too friendly. I ended up taking her. I think the relationship between women and dogs is always a special thing,” she says.

The artwork for Frances depicts that exclusive relationship. For more information, visit, www.nicolebauberger.com.