Time to Give Thanks … And Get Ice Cream

As the leaves turn, days grow short and evenings grow chilly, it’s a time to reflect on the successes of summer and give thanks to our community.

That’s also the theme of this year’s Celebration of the Harvest, brainchild of the Yukon Educational Theatre.

“This is our second year having the event at the Shipyards Park and we decided that we would show our appreciation to the vendors, farmers and artisans of Shipyard’s Fireweed Market,” says organizer Arlin McFarlane.

This year is about giving thanks for all of the wonderful fresh organic produce, vivid crafts and unique creations of the Fireweed Market. And what better way to say “thanks” than a homemade table setting complete with hand-cranked old-fashioned ice cream?

“We organized this year’s festival around setting the table for the annual Fireweed Market potluck, so we are designing a tablecloth, creating decorations and yes, making some ice cream,” says McFarlane.

The festivities this year include a casual felting workshop with Sheila Alexandrovich, stencilling fun with Helen O’Connor, music by Nicholas Mah, and storytelling by Nicole Bauberger. There will even be weaving with Susie-Anne Bartsch, creating a scenic artwork that will be vegetable-themed.

The Celebration of the Harvest has been in action for nine years, growing, shifting and changing to reflect the needs of the community. “We started as a summer Solstice festival, moved it to a fall festival, had it at the community gardens, and now at Shipyards.

“It’s important for us to show our appreciation for those who create, nurture and grow in Whitehorse,” says McFarlane.

Join the celebration and stop by Shipyards Park on Thursday, Sept. 16. The festival runs from 3 to 8 p.m., and volunteers are always welcome — particularly those who might want to help hand-crank the ice cream!

Phone Arlin McFarlane at 633-4844 for details.

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