Watercolour wild roses

Hello artists! Today’s art is inspired by wild roses. Their shape, colours and amazing benefits make them one of my favorite flowers. We will explore drawing and painting in a “wet on wet” watercolour technique. I encourage you to find your favorite colours and draw and paint them too! Each flower has its own unique beauty.

What you’ll need:

  1. Watercolour paper
  2. Watercolours
  3. Brushes and a water container
  4. Pencil

Our art:


  1. Draw a petal as in the image, with a dent in the center
  2. Add four more petals (five total)
  3. Add a circle in the middle
  4. Add short lines around it like a small sunshine


  1. Wet the flower shape with a brush. Notice to use only water, no colours, to create a wet and clear surface.
  2. Add a small amount of pink or red paint to the top part of the petal and dab it around
  3. Clean your brush and add a small amount of yellow to the center. Let the colours blend on their own, or dab them lightly. 

Hope you enjoyed this time’s art. Feel free to send me pictures of your artworks through “contact me” at www.mayaart.ca. I love seeing your art!
Follow up with art by Maya on Facebook, Instagram or my mail list (at www.mayaart.ca) and stay tuned for projects coming up!

Colorfully yours,

Maya Rosenberg

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