What Masks Reveal

At the Northern Front Studio this January, you can visit a variety of inner worlds in Whitehorse resident Claire Strauss’ exhibition of face-based wall sculptures, called The Mask Within.

While this art show is part memorial for Strauss’ father, each piece creates its own whimsical world, incorporating a joy beyond the bounds of grief. Many people attended the opening, and as the many red dots on the tags bear witness, they found magic that they wanted to bring home with them.

In “Raven’s Tears” a branch sprouts out of a raven face with drops of lapis lazuli suspended from it.

In “What bugs me…,” insects drawn on the clay surface complement a small wasp’s nest at the mouth.

The Mask Within continues until January 30th at the Northern Front Studio in the Waterfront Station, located at 110 – 2237 2nd Ave. It’s open Monday to Friday during business hours. Sometimes the staff work outside the office, so if you come by and the door isn’t open, try again. It’s worth it.

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