WhiskeyDicks’ Last Hurrah?

Whitehorse WhiskeyDicks are preparing to touch down in Whitehorse for a series of shows, perhaps even tinged with a melancholy air, as singer/guitar player and core member Ryan Enns prepares a jet set move to Australia with his wife, the accordion-playing Greta Enns.

Now, this doesn’t spell the end for the fun-loving band, but it does mean they may not be enjoying the vocals of Enns, a solid, long-time player in The WhiskeyDicks.

Enns remains hopeful about The WhiskeyDicks continuing to perform gigs in fine fashion: “We’re more of a collective at the moment, so when one steps out, more step in,” says Enns of the group’s unusual collaboration.

“But there are core members, and those guys have been in it from the beginning,” he adds.

Who are these members, and how will they be affected by Enn’s Australian adventure? Enns is joined by Pat Ernst on fiddle, and Curtis Ernst. Those three members are united by a large cast, numbering up to an incredible 13 when all are rocking on stage.

The members are Greta Enns, accordion; Yves Paradis, drums; Sam Cartwright, drums; Mike Bell, drums and vocals; Zoe Robertson, fiddle; Sara Fitzpatrick, fiddle; Kyle Axewound, trumpet; Mark D’Angelo, trumpet; Nathanial Senff, baritone saxophone and tin whistle; and finally, Dave Kornas, guitar and vocals.

With this huge band, it’s no wonder their sound changes so often. The incredible number of gigs they play in Vancouver helps keep them sharp for the home crowd of Whitehorse.

“We play up to 12 gigs a month in Vancouver, we’re always on the go,” says Enns. “But the best turnout and crowds happen when there are a lot of Yukoners at the show,” he adds.

For a band that got its start jamming in front of the liquor store on Oglivie (see the song chim chimney on the 2008 album Get’er Done), it’s amassed a reputation for a fun, eclectic and fresh sound.

Its music gets the crowd dancing, down on the floor and ready for more.

“I’m going to miss our fans the most,” says Enns, “because they just loved the music. It felt so good to have them there, cheering us on because they were so into the sound,” he says.

The upcoming shows may be the last big hurrah for The WhiskeyDicks for awhile, but the members are looking forward to working on another album in the fall and have collected six songs they are prepping for it.

“We’re always busy on something, looking forward to playing our music, maybe some member will join me for an Australia tour,” says Enns.

Where can you catch The WhiskeyDicks before the members scatter again to the winds of travel? They’re performing at Sunstroke this weekend, as well as shows at Coasters Friday, July 2 and Saturday, July 3.

Check them out at www.myspace.com/WhiskeyDicks, and enjoy the Celtic Gypsy Punk Rock infusion.

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