Books for Armchair Mushers

Mushing season has begun. While waiting for the Yukon Quest or the Iditarod, here are some suggestions for armchair mushers.

Racing Toward Recovery by Mike Williams and Lew Freedman

This book is a set of four true stories from the North. The main story, “Dog Team to Dawson,” is about the author’s sled dog trip from Pelly Crossing to Dawson City in the 1970s with a woman he barely knew and minimal experience in racing dogs.

“You live in the Yukon for a few years and now you think you can merrily recreate a long-abandoned trek to Dawson City with a pack of borrowed sled dogs and a Whitehorse barmaid?” he writes during a moment of doubt.

The story is entertaining and portrays life in the North with all its aspects from the enthusiastic Yukon summer to Jack London-like adventures. He also writes about his lifestyle as a hippie in the 1970s when he came to the Yukon to avoid getting an office job. He writes about Yukon characters and the way he lived.

The book holds three more Yukon stories including the tale of a Mad Trapper in Old Crow and a love letter to his dog.

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