Didee an’ Didoo were real

Didee’s name was Moses Tizya
An’ Didoo’s name was Martha Tizya.
And they both used canes.
Didoo Martha wore a hankerchief
An’ Didee Moses wore Didee’s hat.
Didee an’ Didoo both spoke Gwichin
And they live in a tent.
Didoo Martha carried her teapot
An’ Didee Moses carried his axe.
Didoo Martha wore a long skirt
An’ Didee Moses wore long boots.
They don’t know their real ages
An’ they both get strong cheques.
Didoo Martha was always wise
And Didee Moses was comical.
Didoo got sewing machine
An’ poor Didee got kicker.
Didee an’ Didoo make strong jig
‘Cause they drink homebrew.
Didee an’ Didoo use strong Vicks
An’ they eat dry meat an’ bannock
Didee think he’s Big Shot
An’ Didoo work for W.A.

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