Didee and Didoo – Gwichin Warrior

There’s a peaceful little town
On the banks of the river.
Where the wolf an’ the caribou roam
That’s where he calls his home.
In summer there’s no nights
Days are shorter in the winter time.
Under the northern lights
He dances his blues away.

He’s a Gwichin warrior
Old Crow Yukon is his home.
Graceful like an eagle
The apple of his Mommie’s eye.
He’s a Gwichin warrior
In his beaded leather jacket
Eagle feather in his hair
He’s Daddie’s little pride an’ joy.

He listens to the winds
The wild owl calls his name.
They’re wise an’ so strong
He’s a wolf an’ crow just the same.
He has Grandma’s eyes
His Grandpa smiles down on him.
Of the memories deep inside
Will always forever remain.

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