Didee Didoo

Didee didoo. Illustration: Dennis Allen


Even if you are poor

You can still shop at the free store

The free store is no joke

‘Cause you can buy an’ be broke

You can find something nice

But there’s never a price

even if you don’t have enough

You can still get lots of stuff

You can pretend to steal

And get an awesome deal

It seems kind of funny

But you don’t need money

You don’t need a credit card

And there’s no security guard

Everything is really cheap

And it’s yours to keep

They don’t have a till

And you won’t get a bill

When you shop at the free store

You can find treasures galore

You don’t need a money tree

Because everything is free. 


There’s no security guards

There’s no fitting rooms

There’s no store manager

You don’t need money

There’s no “shoplifters will be prosecuted” sign

There’s no lock on the door

There’s no return policy

There’s no store hours posted

There’s no warranty

There’s no store flyers

They don’t take rain cheques

There’s no price scanners

There’s no till

There’s no credit card machine

There’s no sales person

There’s no financing

There’s no price tags

There’s no Black Friday sales

They don’t have a phone number

There’s no “Customer Service” department

There’s no G.S.T

When I was a kid this Elder gave me a Gwich’in name”CHIH AHAA”

Translated it means”walking ahead”

Allan Benjamin


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