Didee & didoo:

The caribou wades the creek in silence.
Through the river, rocks and barely a ripple mark the caribou passage.
The caribou travelling through North wood of blue-greens.
The caribou travel through a land covered with a rich pouring sun-ripened berries of different kinds.

Caribou crossing through weaves
of brilliant green coloured leaves.
Plush, cool grass.

Caribou galloping through the rivers
and across the plains.
The caribou roam the mountains
covered with carpets of flowers
through the cool summers.

A tranquil window of fleeting sunlight,
after a grey floating
neither ready to concede
to the slow clearing, clean blue sky.
Nights are turning chill
winter’s gentle sun…

The caribou roam the country by the thousands,
thundering hooves across the mountains.

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