Didee & Didoo: Bush Kid

His name is Dean
An’ he’s not even a teen.
He’s not even a man
But he knows the land.
He’ll teach us older guys
‘Cause Dean is wise.
Dean is really tough
An’ he knows his stuff.
His are a gun an’ knife
Because he knows bush life.
He’s good with a saw an’ axe
An’ he follows animal tracks.
Dean likes to mush his dogs
An’ he has a cabin made of logs.
He’s not afraid of bears
An’ he sets traps an’ snares.
Dean likes to be out of town
Where he’ll make moose sounds.
Dean knows all the birds
And all the Gwich’in words.
This bush kid has a lot of pride
Because he can provide.
In the bush he’s not a stranger
‘Cause Dean is a Junior Ranger.

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