Didee & Didoo: My Echo

There’s nothing of him to touch
And sometimes he talks too much.
Sometimes I can hear my own voice
An’ answering back is his own choice.
He’s like an answering machine,
But he has never been seen.
He must be my twin brother
’Cause we sound like each other.
I wonder if we look the same
Or is he just playing a hiding game.
I don’t know why he always hide,
But he talks with his mouth wide.
I can’t say that he talks the most
I wonder if he’s just my ghost.
He repeats every word
An’ his accent can be heard.
I like it when he takes a nap,
Then I won’t hear him yap.
Sometimes he chats on his cell phone
So I know that he’s not alone.
Sometimes I hear him laugh
Because he’s my other half.
My Echo makes me wonder,
Will we both be six feet under?
Will we both be quiet
Or will He still cause a riot?

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