The Fiction File: Gone: a Review

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Gone by Michael Grant is the book for you.

How would you survive without parents, older siblings and teachers? One minute there, and the next gone—everyone over the age of 15. Poof!

Sam Temple lives in Perdido Beach with his divorced mother. Sam and his best friend, Quinn, like surfing. According to them, it is the only thing to do in the remote little town. When all the adults disapper, Sam doesn’t know what to do; no one does.

Lana Arwen Lazar was spending some time on her grandpa’s ranch, when all of a sudden he disappeared. Poof! Lana has to find her way back to civilization with injuries that are beyond healing for anyone, but not her.

The kids are developing super-natural powers, ones they have only seen in movies, or read about in books. The animals in town are mutating into monsters with razor-sharp claws and pointed teeth.

Darkness lurks, hidden, waiting for its prey. In order to stay alive, the kids are forced to choose sides as they battle each other and horrors they can’t even imagine, and pick leaders.

In Michael Grant’s Gone, read about the kids of Perdido Beach as they struggle to survive in this harsh new world.

I really enjoyed this book because it felt like you could be there in Perdido Beach when the adults disappeared. The way in which Grant wrote the book makes it impossible to put it down. Each chapter leaves you hanging, wondering what new horror the characters will encounter.

For example: “On her knees, eyes blind, Lana waited. A voice exploded in her head. Her back arched in spasm and she fell on her side. Every nerve ending, every cell in her body screamed in pain. Pain like she was being boiled alive. How long it lasted she would never know.

“She would awake later, having been dragged from the cave by two of the coyotes. They dragged her out of the cave and into the night. And there they waited for her to live or die.”

I highly recommend this book for anyone who loved the action-packed Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Gone is a book for people who love fast-paced action and fantasy. It will leave you hanging by a thread with a new adventure every chapter.

Gone was published in 2008 by Harper Teen.

Cayley Sparks is a Whitehorse student and aspiring writer who just completed Grade 7.

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