Investigating lost bull semen

Marcelle Dubé has written the fifth novel of her Mendenhall Mystery Series titled The Forsaken Men. It´s published by the author under her own imprint Falcon Ridge Publishing. Her Mendenhall isn’t a subdivision of Whitehorse, but rather a fictive place in Manitoba.

“I chose Manitoba because I lived there for a while and really liked it, so I felt I could incorporate some realistic details and emotions into the story,” Dubé said.

Her main character, Mendenhall’s chief of police, Kate Williams, is tired of the long winter and longing for spring. When someone steals a tank of bull semen from a local vet, the mystery begins. She has to investigate a series of thefts and vandalism at a construction site and figure out her relationship with Bert, her ex-boyfriend.

The characters in the book are well-developed; for example, Rob McKell, Kate´s deputy chief, who almost died in a car accident in the last book, is back on-board and helps Kate with investigating.

Kate Williams has to overcome some obstacles during the series … becoming chief of police in a department that didn´t want her, for instance. “She needed to have the resourcefulness to meet those challenges. At the same time, she had to have some flaws or she wouldn’t be believable. I think Kate turned out well.

“I like her a lot and it looks like other people like her, too.” Dubé said about her main character, then she adds, “Kate Williams is the kind of smart, strong, capable woman I want to be when I grow up.”

Dubé worked as a military police officer for four years in Manitoba, so she could use a lot of knowledge from her experience. On top of that, she did research on police work at the RCMP in Whitehorse.

“I even got to go on a ride along! The fire marshal and the emergency management planning coordinator both patiently answered all of my hypothetical questions with minimal rolling of the eyes.”

Dubé has written 12 novels, mainly mystery, but also science fiction and a book of short stories.

Will there be a sixth book in the series?“I have no idea. Honestly, I thought that book four, The Untethered Woman, would be my last, but people really like Kate and her constables. Readers kept asking me what happened next,” Dubé said. Right now, she is working on her second book in the A´lle Chronicles, a science-fiction series.

The Forsaken Men is available at Mac´s Fireweed Books and at

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