I went down to the Victoria Marathon

And I got to see John Fogerty in concert

John doesn’t need a cane to walk

Because he can still rock

I heard CCR songs way back when

Songs like “Up Around The Bend”

John moves in fast motion

When he sings “Commotion”

John Fogerty was rockin on the stage

And he forgot about his age

And wrote a song for everyone

John Fogerty wrote a song for his wife

And he sang “Joy of My Life”

He sang “It’s Almost Saturday Night”

And “Long As I Can See The Light”

John Fogerty sang “Who’ll Stop The Rain”

And “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”

He sang “I Can’t Take It No More”

And “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”

John Fogerty wasn’t “The Old Man Down The Road”

‘Cause A young man is all that showed