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I have been writing for this paper for three years, now. I remember the day my first piece was

published. It was my first publication ever, even though I had been writing a lot in German.

I remember holding the issue with my article in my hands at the drugstore. It was wintertime and snowing. I went out to buy toilet paper, when I saw a new issue of What’s Up on my way out.

Earlier than expected: it was Wednesday evening. My hands were full, so I grabbed the paper and I ran home through the snow. I dropped my errands on the floor and with trembling hands I flipped through the magazine.

And there it was: my story with my name on it! I jumped up and down and screamed. I was so excited.

I couldn’t believe that they had published my story, because English is my second language. In my joy and excitement I went to the bar where my roommate worked. I told her, showed her my article and she was proud of me and I gave me something to drink to calm down.

Then the guy beside me at the bar said, “You know, everyone can write for What’s Up, it is nothing special.”

And suddenly I was back on the ground and not so happy anymore. That comment followed me home.

Now I am still writing for this paper and I like it a lot. And I think, “Maybe everyone can write for it, but not every German-Writer.”

There were times when I wondered if my English is good enough… But today I don’t worry about that anymore – I just write.

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