Let’s Learn Gwich’in: Gwich’in Expressions

Gwich’in Ginjik     Native Language

Ch’ivēedzyāa at’iinihthān kwaa I don’t like mushrooms
Łuh chīl sheenit kanahée Get wood chips for me
Ch’igéechān Agwāł’aii I found a shoulder blade
Diik’ee tsal gweejii? Where’s the small gun?
Chiitaii ch’ii gōonlii There’s lots of mosquitos outside
Khaii juuk’a’ oovīikāt I bought candles
Danahch’i’ toh hah nahadĭk The old man is walking with cane
Ts’eet’itchĭ hah tr’agwàłdàk I lost the pipe
Vadzaih eenjit nahālzrīi I’m hunting for caribou
Vindèezhìi shàh kanĭintii Help me look for his glasses
Noozri’ diniintł’oo Write your name
Ch’itsii khał jihtth’ak I hear a ski-doo

When I was a kid this Elder gave me a Gwich’in name”CHIH AHAA.” In English it means”walking ahead”

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