I had an amazing experience under the Northern Lights
as I recall
it was like midnight angels… blanketing full over me
with wide rippling bands of ghostly long trailing ribbons
all dressed-up
in the creamy lime greens… sapphire blues… and crimson pinks
of a slowly… meandering… aurora borealis
serenely igniting brightly each… while sauntering their way up
through the all but invisible glistening frosty atmosphere
dancing sky high above me
then graciously reaching downward
to just shy of within my very own
transient… palpably iffy… little space
almost as though some part of it were attempting to touch me
to reach out and… connect with me
playfully yet obediently colliding head-on
against the easy drift and flow… of those brisk


invigoratingly raw… northern night winds
I felt as though I had learned something
something that the Inuit know… have always known
something spiritual… like a nod from God

Yukon See It Here: Kimie Izawa