Klondike Korner: Poetry Corner

(June 1)

Rumble of thunder in the sky

Perhaps some rain will fall by and by

Perhaps there will be lightning

And that thought is somewhat frightening

As the forests round about are tinder dry.

(June 14)

Hammer of rain above the ceiling.

We listen as the heavens begin peeling

By the time the flash is done

we can’t even count to one

before our motel room seems to be reeling.

(June 24)

Rattle of hail upon the road

As the clouds drop their moisture overload.

As along the way we go we see hail pile up like snow,

and we hasten home to reach our dry abode.

(June 29)

Splatter of rain obscures the view

as the wipers fight our vision to renew.

And the puddles on the road

hydroplane us and our load,

but at least there is no longer smoke in view.

After 32 years teaching in rural Yukon schools, Dan Davidson retired from that profession but continues writing about life in Dawson City.

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