Putting Canada 150 between two covers

CBC/Radio-Canada got involved in the Canada 150 sesquicentennial celebrations in a big way, starting about a year earlier with an open call for submissions to be put in a 2017 yearbook. According to the forward written by president and CEO Hubert T. LaCroix, hundreds of people sent in stories and, apparently, photographs as well.

From the “letters, emails, digital submissions, interviews and social media posts in response to this campaign” the editors of this 220 page volume selected entries and photographs from 115 citizens.

Most entries got a page with the story and the photo. Some got two pages, and some got two or three photos.

Entries seem to come from all across the nation, literally from sea to sea to sea. There’s not a simple list and no index, so keeping track of all the places is tricky. The Yukon is represented by Anilee Ault of Whitehorse, who has a story and three photographs. She celebrates the territory’s great outdoors.

All the entries are printed in both English and French.

In addition to the photos that go with the entries, there are 77 or so (I may have lost count) additional photographs and scenes from all over the country: tall ships, sea coasts, rural and urban scenes, mountains, lakes, oceans and lots of shots of people doing things that seem to be connected to celebrations. The book was released in November, so there was time to get material from all four seasons between its covers.

I like the human maple leaf shot from Manitoba (pictured above).

One spectacle I did get to see in person was the mosaic plant sculpture exhibit in Gatineau, across the river from Ottawa. It was an impressive overview of Canadian history and iconic images, including a CPR train, a giant goldpanner, and animal figures, all created from plant growth. The huge Mother Nature image was near the end of the 45 minute walk.

What’s Your Story?: A Canada 2017 Yearbook by CBC/Radio-Canada and published by Mosaic Press is 220 pages. The hardcover is available at most bookstores for $29.99.

Since December, a free downloadable digital edition with highlights from the book can be found at www.CBC.ca/2017/WhatsYourStory.

Looking back at Canada’s Centennial Year

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