Whitehorse resident Maureen McCulloch wrote her debut novel to bring a message into the

world. She wrote the book under the pseudonym, Maureen Senecal.

“I used Angels and Aliens to bring the message that mankind needs to work together for the survival of our planet,” McCulloch says. “The book also points to the critical need to find ‘truth’ within, whatever ‘truth’ may be.”

McCulloch, who is trained in reiki, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnosis, self-published Angels and Aliens at the beginning of this year. The author says the topic chose her.

“The idea for this book had been simmering in my mind for many years,” she says.

The author is recently retired from teaching elementary grades in the Yukon, mainly in small communities.

“While living in Old Crow, Yukon, I continued with writing this book.”

The Chilkoot Trail plays a major role in her novel. McCulloch likes to travel. Not only has she hiked the famous gold rush trail, but also the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

The hikes inspired her and her writing was flowing with ease, she says.

Three different people she met on the Chilkoot Trail are represented in the novel: Laura, a woman who is chased by nightmares; Michael, a reporter chasing the truth; and Isabelle, a teacher.

Laura gets lost and ends up in another dimension. Isabelle assists Laura to look inside herself to find peace in her life.

“Basically, I wanted to share the message of the importance of going inward to find inner peace,” McCulloch says. “We live so much for materialism and it is important to live for spiritualism.”

The author says that she believes in angels. She grew up in a French Canadian catholic family of seven children in Quebec. “Church was mandatory every Sunday. There, I learned about angels, archangels and the whole hierarchy of angels and saints,” she says.

She also believes in aliens.

“I am totally open to the idea,” she says. “There is so much information on the internet about aliens: their types, forms, UFOs, etc. And so many of the human population have seen and talked about aliens. There must be some truth to it.”

The book contains topics like reincarnation, past lives and parallel universes.

McCulloch has spent some time in Brazil and finished her novel at the Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiania, where a famed and controversial man called John of God conducts energy healing.

“Over the years, literally millions of people have come to the Casa for healing from all over the world for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing,” she says. “John of God influenced my life and hence this work. I was able to complete the final edition of my book at the Casa. This book has been blessed by the Entities of the Casa de Don Ignacio.”

Angels and Aliens is available at Mac’s Fireweed Books on Main Street or online at www.AngelsandAliens.ca.