Shoo’ii & Sheek’aii – Gwich’in Ginjik Native Language

Gwich’in Expressions: 

Ddhah kak vadzaih Tr’anah’in We see caribou on the mountain

Dinjik daang nał’in I see four moose

Łall tsal nihłàh tsiigīdī’in The pups are playing together

Gwiint’lo dzan virh jidthihłii I really wish for boiled muskrat

Ts’ĩivii kak dlak nał’in I see a squirrel on the tree

Sreendit gwāndōo dats’an jīhtth’ak I hear ducks in the spring

Jii tsal t’ōo agwàł’aii I found a birds nest

Juk drin neenjit dagõonch’uu? How are you today?

Didoo Tl’ēethoh leii di’ìi My Grandma has lots of skirts

Daa’aii tsal shū’ kanìtìi I can’t find my axe

Srii shi’ii kwaa I don’t have a knife

Ch’ankaii nihthan I want blood soup

When I was a kid this Elder gave me a Gwich’in name”CHIH AHAA.” In English it means”walking ahead”


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