The First Time I Wrote on a Wall


I wrote my name on the wall yesterday.

Gosh, I hope Mom’s not upset with me. I heard Daddy trying to convince her to swallow a ball so I would have something to play with. She laughed at him and told him, “No!”

Mommy has such a pretty laugh.

Boy, am I bored. I agree with Daddy … she should swallow a ball so I have something to play with.

I’m tired of writing and drawing on the walls. If people ever discover these drawings, they’re gonna wonder if I came from the Stone Age (wouldn’t that be wonderful? … Not!).

Maybe Mommy will play with me again today. Oh! She’s singing … goodie! I like listening to her sing, except … it — puts — me — to — sleep.

Gee, that was a great nap. Maybe I can get Mommy to play with me.

If — I — just — kick — her — there.

See … we have this game where she pushes on a spot I can reach, and I just kick or punch that spot as hard as I can (not hard enough to hurt her, of course).

Oh! She picked a spot; now I just gotta kick it.

I’m getting really strong (Mommy told Daddy that the other day). And she says she can’t wait to meet me.

I love Mommy. She takes good care of me.

Yesterday, Daddy asked Mommy if she wanted pickles and ice cream with chocolate syrup. I thought that was kind of a goofy question. Why would Mommy eat that? Yuck! Daddy laughed.

He has a deep laugh.

How much longer am I gonna be in here? I wanna meet Mommy and Daddy. I think Mommy said I would meet them in three more weeks. That’s a long wait.

Oh boy, Mommy’s making supper and it smells really good. Now I’m getting hungry. Mommy asked Daddy to barbecue some steak (she knows it’s my favourite).

I think I should have a nap before supper, but first I gotta go to the bathroom. If I jump on Mommy’s bladder, she’ll get the message.

That’s better … now a nap — then, steak!

I sure feel cramped. My neck hurts; must’ve slept on it wrong. I used to have so much room, but now it feels like the walls are shrinking.

Mommy said I’m getting bigger. I guess the doctor measured me (not sure how he managed that).

Yesterday, the doctor tried to take my picture. There was a really bright light and I had to cover my eyes.

I wasn’t sure what was going on until I heard Mommy say she wanted a picture of me. Why can’t she wait a little longer?

I’m not sure about seeing the world, anymore; they do a lot of weird things out there. Maybe I’ll just stay right where I am for a little longer.

Daddy’s going back to work for a while, but I heard him tell Mommy he’d be home in time to meet me. (That was nice of him.)

Mommy’s sad now. Sometimes, when she’s talking to me, she tells me about Daddy’s job and about how far away he has to go just to work. Then she usually cries.

I feel bad ’cause I don’t know how to make her feel better. But when I meet her, I’ll make sure she knows that I love her and that I will keep her company while Daddy’s away working.

Maybe she’ll take me to the park … that would be fun. It sure is boring in here (I could have a perfectly good skipping rope, if this stupid thing wasn’t attached to me). Guess I could go back to my drawings, since Mommy is asleep and can’t play with me right now.

Oh boy, today I get to meet them!

Mommy asked Daddy to drive her to the hospital this morning. I’m so excited. But, I’m upside down now … weird. This sure isn’t what I expected. Mommy’s water just broke. That means it won’t be much longer.

Ouch! My head is getting squished. This is no fun and Mommy sounds like she’s in a lot of pain.

Wow … it’s really bright out here and I’m really cold. Why won’t they cover me up?

Oh, there, that’s better, but now I’m hungry. Oh, there we go, Mommy’s feeding me. I’ll just have this quick snack and then I’ll have a nap — Whoa! —hey, why is the doctor poking me? And he uncovered me again and I’m freezing!

I wish they would cover me back up. Oh, that’s better, now I can have a nap. I’m really tired and Mommy fell asleep … so I’ll talk to Mommy and Daddy later.


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